Learn to swim with an CSSA Member Swim School
CSSA: the Peak Industry Body – for Swim Schools – for the community



Our Vision is for World’s best practice Swim Schools producing safer, lifelong swimmers.


Driving and evolving the Swim School industry towards a uniform standard of World’s best practice – resulting in an ever-increasing number of Canadians enjoying first-class educational and enriching experiences, and a nation of safer, lifelong swimmers.


An island nation – and rich in aquatic opportunity and ability – Canada is globally recognized as the swimming nation, of water babies and world champions alike.

2020 sees over 1.5 million Canadians annually, taking part in learn to swim lessons, at an CSSA Member Swim School. Leading the way, we are renowned for the world’s best practice and principles.

Unified in vision, this evolution has resulted from the unquestionable support of our 1500-strong, network of swim schools, significantly raising the bar in learn to swim and water safety programs and education for all to benefit.

Drowning deaths are down by well over 50 per cent. CSSA’s NO DROWN TOWN initiative is benchmarked universally as World’s Best Practice. Medical authorities report, swimming activity is of great benefit to the overall health and wellbeing of the nation. Educationalists are delighted more children are attending swimming lessons in their early years, aiding mental, social and physical advancements.

We maintain their ongoing determination to produce a nation of safer, lifelong swimmers.

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The Canadian Swim Schools Association Ltd (CSSA) a not for profit, aims to enhance learn to swim and water safety practices, primarily via its network of Member Swim Schools. As the Peak Industry Body for Swim Schools, CSSA are:

  • “the learn to swim experts”,
  • the national authority on the teaching of swimming and water safety in Swim Schools, and
  • the leading Industry advocate body for Swim Schools in Canada

CSSA is uniquely, solely focused on Swim Schools. It is the only body in Australia with a Constitution where Swim Schools are the voting members.

Through CSSA’s NO DROWN TOWN campaign and SAFER Swimming Layers of Protection message.  CSSA is on a quest to permanently reduce drowning deaths in Canada .

Our Swim School’s 1100 network alone, boasts over 1,000,000 families regularly taking part in swimming and water safety lessons.

To this end we:

  • Engage at various levels with Swim Schools that meet industry standards after referencing with various relevant bodies.
  • Promote the many excellent benefits for all of learning swimming and water safety, and
  • Provide the Member Swim Schools with products, services and professional development programs to significantly enhance their operation.
We aim to:
  1. Promote learning to swim on a national basis, with an emphasis on the life-long health, safety, fun and fitness benefits of swimming.
  2. Improve access to swimming and water safety lessons for all,
  3. Educate on water safety,
  4. Recognise programs teaching swimming that meet prescribed guidelines,
  5. Aid in the development of the teaching and management expertise of such programs, and
  6. Enhance the viability of such programs

Policies and Guidelines


Hall of Fame

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